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My journey to becoming a software developer started when I was completing my last semester in college in 2017, obtaining my BS in Biology. I took a wonderful Bioinformatics class and used Python to create simple scripts. During that time, programming was completely foreign to me and at times frustrating, but I had this drive to keep going and solve problems throughout the entire class. Fast foward to 2020, I decided to enroll into Western Governors University to pursue my passion for tech. In July 2022, I've graduated with my second BS degree in Software Development and I'm ready to utilize my programming skills in a professional environment.

  class Developer {
      constructor() {
          this.firstName = 'Dathan'
          this.lastName = 'Stone'
          this.cats = 2,
          this.degree = 'Software Development',
          this.hobbies = ['Gaming', 'Coding', 'Netflix']
  public class Developer {
       private String firstName = 'Dathan'
       private String lastName 'Stone'
       private int cats = 2,
       private String degree = 'Software Development',
       private String[] hobbies = {'Gaming', 'Coding', 'Netflix'}
  data class Developer (
       val firstName: String = 'Dathan'
       val lastName: String 'Stone'
       val cats: Int = 2,
       val degree: String = 'Software Development',
       val hobbies = listOf('Gaming', 'Coding', 'Netflix')


Punches Manager - Android App


  • Kotlin

  • Jetpack Compose

  • SQLite (ROOM Database)


  • MVVM architecture.

  • CRUD functionality.

  • Kotlin Coroutines.

  • BCrypt password encryption.

  • Dagger-Hilt for dependency injection/management.

NFL Team Stat Tracker - REST API


  • Java 8

  • Springboot (v2.5.5)

  • Spring HATEOAS

  • Jsoup (v1.14.3)

  • Swagger-UI


  • REST API architecture.

  • Parses the NFL website for team stat data through a custom web scraping service using the Jsoup Library.

  • Deployed with AWS Elastic Beakstalk

  • Real time testing through Swagger-UI documentation.

Portfolio Wesbite


  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • Vanilla Javascript

  • Amazon Web Services S3, CloudFront and Route 53


  • Fully responsive design.

  • Animate on Scroll (AOS) Library to provide seamless fade animations.

  • FormSubmit for handling messages from users.

  • Amazon CloudFront for lightning fast and secure hosting.

Random Animal Facts - Android App (Work In Progress)


  • Kotlin

  • Jetpack Compose

  • Retrofit

  • ROOM databse

  • Zoo Animal Api


  • Generates random animal facts.

  • MVVM architecture.

  • Kotlin Coroutines.

  • REST API data fetching via Retrofit.

  • Local caching via ROOM database.

  • Dagger-Hilt for dependency injection/management.

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